6 wins in a row leaving the valkyries undefeated

Sunday saw Dundee Valkyries take on Livingston in a top of the table league fixture. The weather was perfect for rugby no wind, sunshine, although the temperature was dropping as the the game went on. After kick off Dundee kept the pressure on Livingston and after a series of pick and goes the forwards scored. Dundee kept the pressure on but were met with a determined defence and found it hard to break the gain line. So when the ball went wide the backs eventually broke through and scored. Still Livingston put up a strong defence that meant Livingston started putting pressure on Dundee but were unfortunately unable to capitalise. The second half was when Dundee stopped giving away penalties and again after sustained pressure the forwards pick and go got them over the line for another score. Towards the end of the game Livingston were able to pressure Dundee and they eventually score their try. A really tough game as you would expect from both table toppers but Dundee were triumphant.

Forward of the match: Stephanie Craig
Back of the match: Gayle Scott
Opposition Player of the match: Jamielee McCreadie

Try Scorers: Emma Dyce, Gayle Scott & Natalie Cardosi
Conversion: Emma Mackinnon

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