Volunteers Evening Friday 2nd March 2018

Dear fellow Volunteers (and potential Volunteers!)
This is an invitation to come along to the Mayfield Clubhouse on Friday 2nd March at 7pm for 7.30pm so we can, on behalf of the Rugby Club, offer some very sincere thanks for your contributions.
The Rugby Club, including of course both our Junior sections Dundee Rugby and Dundee Eagles, has over the years established very good reputation – both on and off the field – and we recognise that this has been achieved thanks to the sterling efforts of you and of all our other volunteers.
Volunteers help us to provide the best Rugby experience to all our players regardless of age, gender or experience, and we do appreciate (but perhaps don’t always acknowledge!) the huge role that you and others like you play in this.
So we would be delighted if you (and your significant other) can come along and enjoy a glass or two of wine and some small eats. We anticipate being ‘done and dusted’ by about 9 pm but who knows? We won’t throw you out right away!
If you know of someone who might also be willing and able to help in the Rugby Club then we would encourage you to invite them also, but please let us know so we can cater properly and keep an eye out for them.
RSVP please to: gerry@ppinvest.co.uk or Derek Lawson dlawson@thorntons-law.co.uk.
Many thanks again for all y help and I do hope that you can come along, even for a short while, on Friday 2nd March.
Best regards
Gerry Tosh
President, Dundee High Rugby

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