Watch Ireland v Scotland @ Mayfield


In response to quite a few queries, we can confirm that the clubhouse will be open on Saturday for the those who wish to watch Scotland continue on their unstoppable march to the 6 Nations championship!

Where else would you possibly want to watch this?!  (Ok, in Dublin maybe but apart  from there….)

Kick off is at 2.15  but the club will be open from 1 pm to give everyone a chance of that important pre-match warm-up.

Catering: there will be food available for those who wish – and at a very reasonable cost! There will be a pot or two of Irish Stew on the go, followed by a Scottish cheeseboard + oatcakes etc. Unfortunately the wine will also be either Irish or Scottish.*

There might even be a Baileys Irish Cream Cheesecake!

All are welcome to come along – but we would like a bit of heads up, particularly as regards the catering, so please let Gerry or Derek know if you are thinking of coming: or

We hope to see you there on Saturday.  Keep the faith!

Gerry Tosh

Derek Lawson

For Dundee High Rugby

* only kidding…

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